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Artwork & Print Colours

High quality print ready colour separated artwork is required for screen processing, which should be supplied in digital format wherever possible.

If the artwork is not supplied in this digital format and amendments are needed, they will be charged at the rates stated below. Digital artwork can be supplied via email or CD. This must be the original editable spot colour vector EPS file and formulated in either in Adobe Illustrator with fonts transformed to outlines or Freehand with fonts transformed into outlines.

Artwork can be received by CD or preferably by email to If you need any assistance with artwork, please do not hesitate to ask.

We offer most standard fonts including Helvetica, Times, Avant Garde, New Century Schoolbook etc. These can be produced in either Medium, Bold, Upper and Lower Case, Regular or Italic. 15.00

Tidying up artwork
Laser copies - 20.00
Letterheads etc - 25.00
Anything over these costs will be quoted to you on receipt of your order.

Illustrator 15.0 Mac or PC
Photoshop 10.0 Mac or PC
Indesign 7.0 Mac or PC
Microsoft Word Mac or PC

eps, pdf, Convert text to graphics to save sending fonts (Vector files only)
Tiff, four-colour process only (minimum 300dpi)

Please send all relevant files and fonts (unless vectored) as these are required for outputting to printer. PDF files can be sent as one file with graphics and fonts embedded. Files can be saved in most drawing programmes in eps or pdf format eg. Corel Draw, Freehand etc.

The Printed Image

The most accurate colour matches can be achieved when Pantone references are provided and the surface being printed is white. In the absence of Pantone references, a colour swatch or previously printed sample is acceptable but colour matches are less accurate in this case. It is not possible to produce accurate colour matches on any surface that is not white.

Surface colour always influences the printed colour (see visual pantone guide below) and it is advisable to order a printed proof if the colour match is critical. If a printed proof is not ordered, we will assume that our best attempt to match the colour reference requested is acceptable to you, given the constraints or limitations of the ink system in use and the nature and colour of the surface being printed.

As a general rule, orders for bright colours to be printed onto dark surfaces will be the least accurate, eg. white printed onto black will appear light grey when compared with true white and all basic Pantone colours and all central Pantone colours will appear dull when printed onto black or coloured surfaces.

This shows how a number of popular pantone colours might appear when printed onto coloured pens. The colours shown should not be taken as precise colour matches as the visual guide is purely to illustrate how the colours are affected when printed onto coloured substrates.

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